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Marquis’ values

We're PROUD of our values. They're in our DNA and make us who we are.


We’re organized and productive.

  • Employees who are efficient, agile and able to make quick decisions.
  • We develop, implement, measure, adjust and change tack as needed.
  • We seek solutions so we can do more with less.


We’re creative, inventive and unique. 

  • We stand out from the rest because we’re original.
  • We share our unique skills within our team.
  • Each team member makes a difference.


We demand excellence. We’re agile and responsible and we stand by our commitments:

  • To our colleagues.
  • To our customers.
  • To achieving our plan.
  • To our decisions.


We respect people and the environment. 

  • We hold open, respectful and frank discussions.
  • We maintain a high level of cooperation and openness among employees and departments.
  • We listen to, help and appreciate others so as to be appreciated in return.
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