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Environmental Policy

Building together a better world for future generations

This policy demonstrates Marquis’ commitment to environmental protection and regulatory compliance. Marquis is committed to working with stakeholders to achieve our shared environmental goals.

1. Reduce our carbon footprint

At Marquis, we are aware that our activities have an impact on the environment, particularly in terms of greenhouse gas emissions and climate change. We are implementing the following measures to reduce our carbon footprint:

• Quantify and regularly evaluate our greenhouse gas emissions to better understand our environmental impact and ensure our reduction plan includes specific targets.

• Use recycled paper in our operations to help preserve ancient and endangered forests.

• Give preference to suppliers who employ effective strategies to reduce their carbon footprint.

• Incorporate environmental criteria into all our processes and initiatives to actively reduce our carbon footprint. This may include practices such as recycling and reusing various materials, reducing our energy consumption, or adopting other eco-friendly practices.

2. Set waste reduction targets

Marquis is implementing the following measures to reduce the amount of waste generated across its operations (printing, binding, paper, etc.):

• Regularly assess waste flow across all company departments (printing, binding, lamination, etc.), including waste that is already being recycled or reused.

• Establish waste reduction targets based on assessment data to promote a comprehensive waste management approach and optimize our company-wide reduction efforts.

• Continue recycling 100% of paper waste and printing plates, and continue reusing 100% of wooden pallets.

• Implement recycling programs in all facilities, focusing on waste that is not yet being recycled or reused.

• Encourage the use of sustainable and reusable products in all departments, including those currently generating recyclable or reusable waste.

3. Offer environmentally friendly solutions

Marquis is implementing the following measures to make its products and packaging more environmentally friendly:

• Evaluate the recyclability of our products and packaging, promoting the use of easily recyclable materials and collaborating with our suppliers to find innovative solutions to improve the recyclability of our products.

• Actively seek greener sourcing solutions by exploring more sustainable materials and manufacturing processes and identifying suppliers engaged in environmentally responsible practices.

• Promote eco-friendly products and encourage conscious and sustainable consumption among our customers.

4. Raise employee awareness

Marquis is implementing the following measures to increase employees’ environmental awareness and get them involved in the company’s environmental initiatives:

• Provide training to all employees on environmental practices.

• Encourage employees to submit ideas for improving the company’s environmental practices through the SMART program.

• Establish an environmental committee made up of staff members to oversee the company’s environmental initiatives.


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