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Hardcover Binding



Muller Martini Diamant MC 60

Overall Customer Benefits

  • Our set up times are 3x times faster and our production speed is 2x faster. This means a better turnaround time for book printing projects, for both smaller and larger orders. The reduced setup time makes handling smaller orders more efficient, while the increased speed means larger orders can be completed much faster.
  • Highly competitive pricing.
  • New flexible cases and rounded binding options allow you to choose the perfect binding for a specific project.
  • Innovative inline jacketing process streamlines our workflow, combining multiple processes into one efficient operation.


  • Stronger lapbook glue binding options ensure durability and maintain the integrity of materials over time.
  • By reactivating the glue at the feeding stage, we guarantee that every book has a perfectly rounded spine, which gives publications a polished and professional look.
  • The improved dust-jacket design surpasses what our previous technology could do.


  • Reduction of make-ready waste: including boards, sheets, and book blocks.
  • This system reduces the energy required for production. This translates to a more energy-efficient operation, helping lower the environmental impact of our manufacturing processes.
  • The Diamant binding line incorporates a system for recycling energy within the process. This regenerative approach means that excess energy is captured and reused, further reducing our energy consumption and carbon footprint.
  • The use of protein-based adhesives is a sustainable choice compared to solvent-based glues. This type of adhesive not only provides strong binding but is also more environmentally friendly, as it reduces harmful emissions and the use of solvents.

Targeted products

  • All hardcover books.
  • Layflat books.
  • Educational, cookbooks, novels, coffee table books and more.

Non-targeted products

  • Limitations on min / max spine thickness and length.


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