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Colour printing

Product sheet: colour
Small and large format/offset


Heidelberg Speedmaster XL-106

Offset colour printing benefits

Our new XL 106 UV LED press allows us to offer a wider range of paper options, including uncoated papers, without compromising on print quality. UV LED technology allows the ink to dry quickly on the surface of uncoated papers and to obtain similar results as on a more expensive coated paper.

Compared to traditional uncoated technology, our XL-106 UV LED also offers:

  • Better ink density control
  • Higher brightness and contrast
  • A wider range of sizes
  • An alternative to uncoated web colour for large-print runs with better print quality
  • Better resistance to smudging and rubbing

Sustainability advantages

  • More environmentally friendly: the press was manufactured using a carbon-neutral process (certificate available)
  • Fewer VOC emissions, as no heat is required for drying
  • Better results than conventional offset technology on environmentally friendly recycled paper and other uncoated papers
  • Less paper waste due to precise paper size adjustment
  • The feeding of this sheet-fed press can also be done by rollers thanks to the use of the CutStar technology, which reduces the energy consumption compared to the feeding by sheets
  • UV LED technology eliminates the need to use any type of coating
  • UV LEDs consume 10x less energy than conventional UV, like the LED lights in our homes
  • Thanks to the UV LED, there is no ozone emission
  • The standby function of this press reduces electricity consumption by up to 50 percent

Targeted products

  • Tradition trade colour books
  • Educational books
  • Recipe books
  • Colour mangas
  • Comic books
  • Coffee table books
  • Photography books
  • Art books

Non-targeted products

  • Newspapers
  • 1 colour & PMS novels


  • All papers are compatible coated and uncoated, in rollers or sheets
  • Marquis recommends the use of uncoated and recycled papers for reduced environmental impact without compromising print quality


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