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More printing capacity at Marquis

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Montreal, Quebec, Canada

September 1, 2020

Despite the negative impact that the COVID-19 pandemic has had on the economy and within the printing industry, Marquis is announcing two significant investments at our Toronto plant. These investments aim to increase the production capacity of monochrome and colour books for trade, educational and professional publishing markets.


” These investments demonstrate the trust we have in the publishing world. We sincerely believe that the paper book is resilient and will go through future crises and technological developments to remain the refuge of knowledge and imagination. We have dedicated and very professional employees who operate our equipment and the existing management team created the confidence to enable Marquis to continue to invest in the operations of Marquis Toronto”.


Serge Loubier, President and Chief Executive Officer – Marquis Book Printing


The first investment is to meet the current strong demand from the trade book publishers due to the lack of book printing and binding capacity in North America:


•          A reconditioned Timson press has been acquired and the installation is expected to be completed by the end of September at its Toronto plant, this new equipment brings to 9 the number of offset rotary presses in operation at Marquis.


” The addition of a Timson press specially built for the monochrome trade market will allow us to make better use of the capacity available on our perfect and case binding lines to which we add shifts”.


                                   Jason Foubert, General Manager – Marquis Toronto


The second investment is to better meet the evolving needs of the educational and professional markets. It consists of server upgrades and color controls for our HP T300 and HP T360 rotary inkjet presses. The installation of this latest HP technology will significantly increase the productivity of digital presses by reducing start-up times and increasing printing speed.


 “These HP inkjet press upgrade investments will support publisher market trends towards lower print runs & POD. New workflow compatibility opens the door for publisher integration and development discussions, helping publishers successfully respond to changing supply chain requirements and online order growth”. 


                       Mike Collinge, Executive Vice- President – Marquis Toronto


About Marquis 


Established in Montmagny, Quebec, since 1937, Marquis is leading the Canadian book manufacturing industry. Marquis operates 3 printing plants located in Louiseville, Montmagny, and Toronto and has 3 divisions: Interscript for graphic design and file layout, Laurentien, a Canadian leader of agenda and yearbooks, and Canada Coatings who specialize in paper coating applications in the print industry. Marquis creates and provides the best solutions for the publishing and communication industry in Canada, the U.S. and Europe. The company’s mission is to be the preferred partner of the publishers by offering innovative and integrated print and logistics solutions.  Marquis is the partner of choice for thousands of publishers around the world.

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