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Inkjet printing

Product sheet: small and large format/inkjet

Inkjet benefits

  • Faster turnaround time
  • The most efficient option for shorter printing runs from 25 to 2000 copies
  • Access to the Marquis Express option and our High-Speed Train / HST solution allow you to combine the production of your books with those of other publishers and thus obtain a lower unit cost
  • Enables Automatic Stock Replenishment development and faster reprints
  • Accelerated production cycles allow you to print just-in-time and maintain an optimal inventory that is renewable at the rate of completed sales
  • Interior pages and covers can be personalized for special pre-approved projects


  • Same as offset for text
  • Slightly inferior than offset for images
  • We strongly suggest using treated stock for colour printing

Sustainability advantages

  • Printed quantities to meet your needs at competitive costs
  • Supports book inventory strategies
  • Reduces publisher risk of destroying unsold books
  • Less obsolete inventory
  • Reduces waste, landfill
  • Less paper used due to efficient set up, minimal waste
  • Uses water-based inks without solvents producing no Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) for a reduced environmental impact

Targeted products

  • 1 colour trade market fiction and non-fiction
  • Business documents, reports, training manuals, product catalogues, user guides
  • Educational books, textbooks, workbooks, readers
  • High page counts on thin paper — TORONTO ONLY — (examples: medical books. legal books, accounting books, professional reference books)

Non-targeted products

  • High ink coverage books (i.e. full colour or heavy solids) because inkjet ink costs are higher and heavy ink saturation creates print/paper stability challenges
  • Premium Quality Books for a publisher with explicit requirements for print quality details, colour matching = for SOME art/ photo/ architecture/medical books
  • Low page count books for > 1,000 book runs are not as efficient inkjet vs offset because offset make-ready cost is comparable to inkjet


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