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Client testimony  :


" First off, we all know the drawbacks to short run digital printing solutions on the market today. Poor quality, poor material options, high costs, and poor interfaces that are difficult to navigate come to mind. There are other issues that are not so obvious such as time spent producing files to fit specifications and difficulty managing invoicing and receiving that has time costs associated with printing in this way.

The excellent news is that the Express Train solves many of these issues. I find that the Train is ready to roll in the following ways:

  • The quality of the printing and material options are comparable to traditional printing. No more reducing our quality to meet the digital needs but you are meeting our needs.
  • Pricing is better than what we have seen from other digital printing solutions and the spreadsheet is easy to use.
  • Your interface is fast, intuitive, and saves time as everything is at your fingertips—from spine estimation to export plugins—it is all right there.
  • Easy to track, invoicing is quick and efficient, and files are easy to convert to fit your requirements.

Kuddos to the Marquis team for putting together a wonderful product that will not only save my company money but will also save time ."



All the best, Tona

Tona Pearce Myers
Production Director
New World Library / H J Kramer