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Marquis will sustain its FSC certification until 2022


Marquis is proud to announce that their FSC certification will be sustained until 2022 following the external audit conducted by SGS in their plants located in Montmagny and in Louiseville.


This renewal of the FSC certification is part of a global approach aiming to offer printing options that combine product quality with a minimum ecological footprint to Marquis customers.


The certified papers used by Marquis can be matched, inter alia, with their Marquis UV colour press. Entirely designed by Marquis, this unique press uses no fossil fuels and reduces to zero the emission of volatile organic compounds (VOCs).


Along with their innovative equipment, this FSC certification allows Marquis to provide customers with incredibly green printed products. Marquis believes that this eco-responsible argument is a clear benefit to all customers concerned about the adverse effects of climate change on the world's population. 


Since 2007, when they made the green shift, Marquis has spared the equivalent of:


  • 2,604,765,934 litres of water or 1,042 Olympic pools;
  • 713,839 trees or a forest area as wide as 1780 football fields;
  • 32,104,065 kg of waste or 2,529 garbage trucks;
  • the amount of carbon dioxide emissions equivalent to those produced annually by 35,479 cars.


Marquis salutes the work of its procurement team and all employees and suppliers involved in FSC processes. This certification is a great achievement.


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